Sunday, December 28, 2008

Air Hockey Christmas

Merry Christmas All!  What a great year this has been!  Gift highlights have been too many to name (thanks to you all,) but the kids have really enjoyed the air hockey table we got them.  Reasons why an air hockey table is well worth the space it takes up: 
1)  You don't have to chase anything (like a flying ping-pong ball)  
2)  You don't have to have any skills to play.  Keep your little paddle thing down close to defend your goal, and you will eventually get to hit the puck.  
3)  An intense game that includes a wee bit of trash talk can raise your blood pressure, thus providing you with a cardio workout.
4)  I can play my hardest, without holding anything back on my oldest, and I am not guaranteed a victory.
5)  For the past 4 days, I've heard my children say "Hey, let's go play some air hockey!" instead of "Do you want to watch a show?"
6)  I have yet to beat Ryan, but after winter break, I will have the "home advantage," the "stay-at-home Mom advantage."  Laundry/dishes/sweeping vs. Air hockey.  Air hockey will win every time.

Lindsey Joy Smith

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Baptism for Victor

For those of you who are not LDS, in order to join the church, investigators take their time learning and growing until they are prepared to make a covenant (promise) manifest through baptism and confirmation.  

We have become good friends with Victor Rodriquez over the last year as he has been investigating the church, as he has come over for lunches after church, and for discussions with the missionaries, etc.  I am the ward mission leader have become quite close to Victor personally. The story of Vic's change and making a decision to lead a Christ centered life is beautiful and miraculous.  On Saturday Vic was baptized into the LDS church and was confirmed today in sacrament meeting.  We are so proud of Vic for this huge step in his life.  

If any who reads this blog are interested in learning more about the LDS faith, please let us know.  It has brought much peace and joy into our lives as well as giving us a sense of purpose. During this Christmas season, what a joy it is to remember the birth of Jesus, who changed the world forever by allowing us to be free from sin and death.

We wish all our friends and family a Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lies and Deception

 The last 6 entries have been written by my husband, pretending to be me.  For the record, I love the snow.  I just don't like slipping on the ice, attempting to maneuver my not 4W or AW drive mini van, dressing children in snow gear, being snowed in when we are out of eggs and milk, and being cold.  I think the snow is beautiful, and like the song "Come, Come Ye Saints," it should be used sparingly.  I think it womps that we aren't going back home to AZ for Christmas, I would way rather travel anywhere than create meaningful cyber relationships, and I barely know how to turn on the computer (our stinkin MAC), much less actually paste a photo into the blog entry.  There it is, truth and honesty.

Transition to Family Blog

Lindsey does not blog enough to give you all updates.  I have to convince her to do it.  Now it is a family blog where Preston, myself and Lindsey can all update our lives.  Once Cal gets older he can do the same.


Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas in Utah

I hate the snow.  I don't like driving in it wondering if I am going to be sliding down the hill any minute.  I don't like bundling up the kids every time we have to run an errand or they want to go out and play in the yard.  I don't like the lack of sun for days at a stretch.  And being from Arizona, I really do not like the cold.  But one thing I do very much love is the aesthetic of winter.  Downtown in Salt Lake City during Christmas is one of the most beautiful scenes.  The lights against the snow with people coming and going is very delightful.  They are not only at temple square, but at Gallivan Plaza, the Gateway, and line the streets all over the downtown area.  

We have been doing secret santa to a family in our neighborhood.  The kids love the suspense of running up a treat each night and hurrying back to the car.  We end each night with a story about Christmas from a reader.  This year we are staying home, making our own traditions and enjoying one another.  The neighborhood also looks great with lights.  This time of year is all about reflection.  I found facebook and now I am reconnected with people I had completely forgotten about.  It is interesting how the web is making life more meaningful for many people.  Maybe class reunions will go by the way side in favor of longer term, less expensive relationships that stretch across states and countries.  

Being nostalgic and sappy at this Christmas Season.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Annie and Scissors

I found Annie with scissors for the second time in her young life.  She was actually sitting next to me while I was working on the computer and I heard that all to familiar sound of scissor slicing through hair.  The first time she had done this I as able to salvage it by giving her a bob.  This time I salvaged it (relative) by giving her bangs.  I will be amused if she grows up to be a hair dresser.  

Today I got most of my Christmas shopping done.  Merry Christmas everyone.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun with Mac

Calvin having fun with the iMac.  Owen has been sick for two weeks.  He is not sleeping well and it is all I can do to not fall asleep during the day.  My parents came for Thanksgiving and we really enjoyed being with them.  Christmas is upon us.  Finally, for the first time in our 10 years of marriage, we put up lights on our house.  The kids got out the ornaments and we put the tree up as well.  Luckily it has not snowed yet, but it will be coming.  Ryan leaves about the time it is getting light and comes home when it is dark, but this is because the sun wakes at 8:00 and retires around 5:00.