Sunday, September 7, 2008

Iron Chef Bountiful

In an effort to waste time and money I started a new club for my neighborhood.  It is called Iron Chef Bountiful.  It's a female cooking group that meets the first Tuesday of the month at 8 PM (hopefully after the kids have gone to bed.)  The theme for the year is "World Tour".  When you host you get to choose the country that everyone's dish is supposed to be based on.  The group started last month.  Because of the Olympics the theme was Chinese food.  We actually vote on the entries and the top three chefs take home a trophy, gold silver or bronze.  September's country was India.  I made vegetable samosa with mint yogurt dipping sauce, and I totally got the bronze!!  Unlike when I was on Family Feud and our family took second, and when I ran a marathon and took home the third place medal for my age group, there was actually more people that could have beaten me out.  We have had about 12 people come to each group.  Next month's theme is Italian, and I can taste the garlic already.  Good times.  BTW - I made the trophies from blocks of wood and painted them gold silver and bronze.  My photo is with bronze.  On top of the trophies I had Ryan write "congrats, yummy" in Korean for an global flare.