Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Welcome spring! Glad to have you here! Today looks promosing, but it's Utah weather, and it's 7:oo in the morning, so I can't really tell. One more week of school left, I know DUMB!!! Most schools in other states got out last week on friday, but nope, not us. One of our family's best friends just got a resturaunt named CusCuss(Koos-Koos) it is AMAZING Mediteranian food with lamb spaghetti, and my mom is making cupcakes, and selling them there! See ya!
--Preston Smith--

Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

On this rainy day in Utah, I would like to recognize all the people who have died. My Oma, my Great Grandma Georga, My Uncle Preston, and my Uncle Nathan. Love to those we have all missed. Take care. --Preston--

Snow? Really?

Ok, This is crazy! It is Monday, May 30th, almost June, and it snowed! Only a tiny bit but still. We are all mad here! There are pros and cons to living in Utah. First, you get the chance to meet apostles, and counselors, and if you read my Mom's Blog, "Lindsey's Lomonade, " you would see that as we where walking down to Dick's Market Place, in the entryway to the building, my parents spotted Elder Eyring. He shook hands with us, and said congradgulations on me getting the priestood soon. Second, this is the wettest year we have ever had in Utah, and we have lived here for seven years! Ok, I'll stop pestering you all with !Mother Nature's Problems! See y'all, Bye!(PS-the blog will be managed by me, Preston from now on.)

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Oops, it's Been a Whole Year?

Hey Preston here! We have all been caught up in life, and have not blogged on this blog for Two Whole Years! We are now in the year of 2011 and it is time to start fresh. I will Update our blog. I will change our name. I deleted my blog because you have to be 13 or older to create one. Same with Facebook. See y'all! I got new glasses last week, my mom says they remind her of glasses that she wore when she was my age. Here is a picture.